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             Thursday 4th April 2019

               SkillWise, 344 Manchester St, Christchurch

              Viewing from 5.30pm - Auction from 7.00pm

   CATALOGUE OF ARTWORK (live auction)          
"Pale Blue Dreams"
Deb Fuller
Mixed Media
760mm w x 760mm h
"Candy Skull"
Isaac Tait
Acrylic on canvas
920mm w x 610mm h
"Wahine Matike"
Natalie Walker
Mixed media
530mm diameter
"Spring Flowers"
Chris McFarlane
Acrylic on canvas
610mm w x 920mm h
Estelle Jarvis
Fabric Art
450mm w x 600mm h
"Ad Astra"
Jason Greig
290mm w x 360mm h
"Many Roads to Rome"
Acrylic on canvas
915mm w x 1230mm h
Pat Unger
Acrylic on canvas
630mm w x 480mm h
"Behind Veils"
Nemesh Vjekoslav
Oil on canvas
510mm w x 510mm h
"What it is"
Nyle Major
Acrylic on canvas
760mm w x 510mm h

Sandra Thomson
Screen print
500mm w x 710mm h
"Lindis Pass"
Jane Sinclair
Oil on Canvas
910mm w x 610mm h
"Saddleback, Tomtit, Bellbird & Waxeye"
Rebecca Macleod
Mixed media
440mm w x 250mm h
Peter Chou
Felt pen on paper
520mm w x 420mm h
"I stuffed up"
Robyn Schroeder
Acrylic on canvas
350mm w x 280mm h
"Hoyts Cinema"
Gary Buchanan
Acrylic on canvas
920mm w x 610mm h
"Bamboo Slice 2008"
Kim Lowe
Relief print with woodblock
265mm w x 350mm h
Vicky Jackson
Glicee Print on cotton paper
900mm w x 600mm h
"Cycling and Coffee"
Debbie Garland
Acrylic on canvas
760mm w x 380mm h

Isaac Tait
Acrylic on canvas
610mm w x 920mm h
Dalene Meiring
Acrylic on canvas
505mm w x 1010mm h
"The Old Hawthorn"
Water colours
570mm w x 470mm h
Oil on Silver
200mm w x 240mm h
"An Answer to Prayer"
Acrylic on canvas
570mm w x 470mm h
Mixed Media
410mm w x 1800mm h
  Silent auction goodies          
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