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Craig Watson


Craig likes to do collage work using images he collects from magazine and newspapers. Recently he has enjoyed doing floral and landscape paintings. He works using photos and then carbon paper to transpose images on to surface he wants to paint. He then uses acrylic paint.

Craig has a great sense of colour and is interested in try new and different things.

Lake Tekapo Autumn Rivers Tulips Lamborghini
Acrylic on canvas Acrylic on card Acrylic on card  Acrylic on card  
$250 $250 $250 Not for sale
Craig Sun Flowers Cow dog Pansies
Watercolours on canvas Acrylic on canvas Felt pen on card Felt pen wash on card
Not for sale Not for sale Not for sale Not for sale
Alsatian Daffodils    
Ink on card Acrylic on card    
Not for sale Not for sale    


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