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Emma Aronsen

Emma creates wonderful work, if not a little scary. There is a strong sense of irony in her work. She used to enjoy painting abstract work but has recently taken up more sculptural work. These are based on toy dolls that she finds or buys from second hand stores. She dismantles and dismembers the dolls and then reassembles them from different dolls to create strange and menacing creatures. Then they are pierced, tattooed and painted using either black or white paint. They are part punk/gothic, part bondage and part “day of the dead”. She had success selling her work.

Three Boris Bondage Rainbow Lilly
Mixed media Mixed media Mixed media Acrylic on canvas
Not for sale Not for sale Not for sale Not for sale
Gothica Cross Unicorn  
Mixed media Acrylic  Mixed Media  
$80  SOLD Not for sale $80  SOLD  


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