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The White Room Creative Space was developed in response to a growing need to support and develop the creative scope of SkillWise clients and to further facilitate the SkillWise vision. It is well documented that bringing disabled and non-disabled artists together as a creative community, united by a shared passion for art, breaks down barriers. Through this people are seen and responded to as artists first rather than people with disabilities. This encourages an inclusive community where people with an intellectual disability are not isolated. In turn, this helps change preconceived attitudes towards people with disabilities.

We are very keen to broaden our scope to work with other marginalized artists, including artists within the prison system. We believe our person centered approach ensuring a clear focus on art and the artist empowers people to unlock their potential and move down a different pathway in life. Moreover, this approach enables people to connect with others in a different way and is a mechanism whereby people develop a range of soft skills such as the ability to work as part of a team, problem solving and adaptability. In turn this assists in a person in developing a greater sense of self-esteem and self-worth which enables people to take on new opportunities including employment.

The White Room aspires:

  • To provide a space to learn new techniques, materials and ideas through interaction with visiting artists and tutors.

  • To create opportunities for artists with disabilities to work alongside other artists on a regular basis in an inclusive creative environment.

  • To provide a space where artists can exhibit their work to a wider community, encouraging public participation and public awareness.

  • To create opportunities for collaboration between White Room artists and the wider community.

  • To provide a viable model in funding the space through partnerships, and external funding, and micro enterprises.

  • Ongoing opportunities to continue art sessions in community creative spaces

If you are interested in finding out more about us and how to support us, please do contact us!

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