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This is a  solo exhibition showcasing the best works from local artist Peter Chou's collection. It's an amazing opportunity to support a Christchurch artist and enjoy the quality around-the-world collection of Peter's works.

Peter has an incredible eye for detail. He combines his meticulous detail and craftsmanship with a quirky view. With his photographic memory and interest in places, he creates exquisite drawings filled with information where things are exactly a little out of the ordinary. He creates detailed illustrations of cities and famous buildings he has visited with his parents, both overseas and in New Zealand. Using high quality felt pens he draws directly onto A4 paper without doing any preliminary sketches, and never uses a ruler. Peter also makes model aeroplanes, all of which have the same minute attention to detail and scale. While his art will be for sale at the exhibition, the aeroplanes will be on display only.

The Exhibition will run Monday 3rd February – Saturday 8th February at the Exchange Christchurch (376 Wilsons Rd). The gallery is open 7am – 4pm daily. The opening event will be Monday 3rd February 6-9pm.

Thanks to XCHC, Creative Communities Scheme, The Drawing Room, SkillWise and The White Room for supporting this exhibition.

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